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Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
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All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge. Typically, the major flaps meet in the middle and the minor flaps do not. The most commonly used and produced box.
Half Slotted Container (HSC)
This box style has no cover flaps. The cover, if required, is usually comprised of a single piece that overlaps or telescopes over the upper edge to various degrees. This style is utilized in material handling systems and in transporting fresh fruits and vegetables.
Overlap Slotted Container (OLSC)
The OLSC is very similar to the regular slotted container except that the outer flaps overlap at least an 1 inch. The overlapping flaps provide additional cushioning and stacking strength.
Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)
Flaps are the width of the box, thus creating a nearly complete overlap when closed. Provides a superior strength to the flap area making it highly durable and excellent for high stacking. Typically used for shipping heavy objects.
Five Panel Folder (FPF)
Scored and slotted with a fifth panel used as the closing flap at the packing line. Typically used for longer flat products. FPF flaps provide excellent puncture resistance and stacking strength when laid flat.
One Piece Folder (OPF)
OPFs are used for the shipment of items such as books, catalogs and items of clothing which are mostly shipped by parcel post and express.
Full Telescoping Containers
This box style is made from 2 pieces – one body blank and one lid blank. It has a very sturdy lid and does not require any fastenings to close the box. This style is well suited for jewelry or gift boxes and fruit and vegetables.
Die Cut Containers
These styles of boxes can be rapidly produced using our die cutting machines. When utilized, custom die cutting adds endless possibilities.
Tray designs can be highly efficient. They are usually formed from a just a single piece of corrugated that assembles quickly. Trays are typically used to separate and contain contents inside displays and packaging.
Food Grade Containers
Our food grade corrugate is made from virgin material, therefore it is never produced from recycled corrugate. Our food grade corrugate is FDA approved. You also have the versatility of utilizing a Kraft or White liner paper.