What Does That Mean?
Getting to know the corrugate basics is a good place to start when trying to decide what packaging best suits your shipping needs:
Corrugated board is a stiff, strong yet lightweight material made up of at least three layers of kraft paper. The kraft paper is fed through a corrugator which steams and crimps the center layer (or medium) into an "S" shape producing the flute.
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The medium gives the corrugate its extra rugged strength when sandwiched between the layers of kraft paper called liner. Next the corrugator glues the layers together with a starch adhesive producing the corrugated sheets.
Corrugated fiberboard is specified by the construction:
*Single face, singlewall, doublewall, etc.
*Flute size
*Burst strength
*Edge crush strength
*Flat crush
BC Flute Double Wall
C Flute Single Wall
B Flute Single Wall
Our facility produces corrgated sheet in single wall and double wall. Single wall corrugate is just as it sounds...it is a single wall or layer consisting of liner-medium-liner. Double wall corrugate is comprised of five layers in the form of liner-medium-liner-medium-liner. 
Corrugated board can be constructed to best suit your specific needs by varying the corrugated medium, linerboard, flute size and adhesive.
Single wall corrugate uses less material and thusly is more cost effective and takes up less shipping space. However, if stacking strength and rugged durability are your main concerns, double wall corrugated board is known for high stacking strength and high crush resistance.