In Need of a Custom Box Design?
Not a problem at Cardinal Container Corporation! With our in-house CAD assisted designer, you name it...we will make it! Our designer is assisted by ArtiosCAD, which is known worldwide for it's structural packaging design capabilities. Computer assisted design allows for precision cutting of sample cartons to ensure accurate sizing prior to the actual production.
*Packaging designs can be quickly produced electronically
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*Eliminates the need to purchase a die
*More cost effective
*Ability to run small quantities of custom boxes without the expense of purchasing a die
*Capability of exact fitting around your product ensuring product protection and less production waste
*Quick, accurate reproduction for precise reordering, reducing errors and downtime
*Designs can be constructed to scale the size of your packaging within the same parameters
*Packaging is designed precisely for your product
*In house CAD table for cutting sample cartons
*Quicker turn-around time for your finished product
The benefits of computer assisted design are: