Our Cutting Dies...
Cardinal Container Corporation specializes in high quality repair, modification and manufacturing of standard and specialty cutting dies. Outlined below are the most commonly used die parameters. If your needs are highly specialized, our in-house experienced craftsmen will get the job done to your most precise specifications. 
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Die Repair
Our typical standard flat die construction:
*Knife heights ranging from .918" - 2.500"
*Knife points in 2, 3 and 4 points
Our typical standard rotary die construction:
*Cylinder sizes of 37.5", 50" and 66"
*Knife sizes of .970/.990 typically for single wall corrugate
*Knife sizes of .970/.990 typically for double wall corrugate
*Standard scores, perfs and ejection rubbers
*Standard scores, perfs and ejection rubbers
We are a full service specialist with the ability to obtain and construct high quality materials to suit your specialized needs:
*Specialty flat and rotary dies
*Specialty knives, perfs, scores, punches and ejection rubbers