An Independent in the Corrugate Industry...
Being an "independent" corrugated manufacturer makes Cardinal Container Corporation unique to Central Ohio. Unlike most box plants, we manufacture our own corrugated board, which makes us an "independent". Having our own corrugator guarantees that corrugated sheet stock is always available for immediate production of your finished product. 
Our corrugator's production capabilities include:
3700 Lockbourne Road Columbus, Ohio 43207
(800) 540-7807
(614) 497-3033
*B flute & C flute single wall corrugate
*B/C flute double wall corrugate
A die cut machine cuts the corrugated board into a pattern that the customer will fold into the box shape. Our dual McKinley Rotary Die Cutters capabilities include:
*Producing custom-shaped protective packaging
*Printing in 2 colors with our 66" x 80" die cutter
*Printing in 3 colors with our 66" x 110" die cutter
A flexo-folder gluer prints, creases, slots, folds and glues the corrugated container so that it can be shipped flat to the customer. Our dual McKinley Flexo Folder Gluers capabilities include:
*Fully computerized for quick, repeatable, accurate set-up
*Printing in 2 colors on either our 37.5" or 66" folder gluers
*Feeds into either of our dual McKinley Rotary Die Cutters
or dual McKinley Flexo Folder Gluers.